Favorite Venues for Your Wedding Ceremony


Every girl has a fantastic dreamland for her wedding day. On this big bridal day http://www.andytailor.com/wedding-dresses-c-71/59, different people have her unique ideas. Some choose to be the shinny star on everybody’s eyes, some want to leave an impressive memory on her lifetime, some want be a princess on the celebration and some want to the special happiest bride in the world. Anyway, maybe this few dreamland can help you realize your dream.

The first fabulous place is castle. When you have a dreamy wedding http://www.andytailor.com/wedding-dresses-c-71/95 in the castles, you can not only experience the solemn and beauty of castles but also the mystery of it. Put on the most attractive wedding gowns, walking with your loved soul mate in the chateau, how wonderful it is!

Enjoy the exploration with your Mr. Right, this is the dream deeply planted in every girl’s mind!

Beach wedding is another choice for you. Maybe you can try the most perfect beach venue http://www.andytailor.com/wedding-dresses-c-71/76 —Mauritius. Imagining the blue sky and floating cloud, shining wave under the sun, slowly blowing sea breeze and gorgeous coral reef, you can do whatever you like on the beach on this romantic day. Twittering sea wind is the blessing from the Poseidon.

How about a royal wedding http://www.andytailor.com/wedding-dresses-c-71/59 on TajPalace? This is a splendid and noble place for you. Maybe it is just a fantasy for a common person. But if it is a reality on your bridal day, why not catch the chance to make it true? You can dress like a princess on it, then your bridegroom is the prince, you two had a most etched day on this venue. Also the long historical cultural heritage of the Palace can add the meaning of your wedding.

Garden wedding seems a wonderful place for holding a wedding celebration http://www.andytailor.com/wedding-dresses-c-71/57. Though not all want to have a wedding ceremony here, it still has it own attraction. You can enjoy the leisure and make the heart swear here. The nature is the best witness of your marriage. Unlike the castle-style wedding, it didn’t cost you too much time and energy to prepare. A cozy wedding is also flattering to many new couples.

Do you ever dream to have a wedding on the restaurant? There are many other people having lunch here and when you receive their blessing, what exciting thing it is! Other girls envy your happiness and it also leaves a deep impression in their mind too.

However, all the places you want to have your wedding is the right choice for you, but when you are troubling for this thing, you can think about the wedding venues I referred for you. Hope you will have your big day as your wish!


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