Top 5 Tips for Choosing Wedding Dresses from 10 Year-Experience


Why the wedding dresses  are so charming is because of their changeable shape and style. Each of them is so beautiful and delicate, which makes brides dazzling so that they don’t know how to choose their dreamy wedding gowns. I ever visited an experienced tailor who had worded for more than ten years. He gave me some tips about how to choose the ideal bridal dress for a bride.

Just look at the wedding dress style, neckline and material is not enough. They also need to consider its length and silhouette.

About the hemline and train of the wedding gowns, there are about five kinds you can choose from.

Firstly, mini wedding dress is top trend. Today, bridal dresses are no longer rigidly adhering to the past styles. A short mini dress above the knee length is a popular modern style

No matter it is A-line, tutu or fit, petite brides are fond of it. But in order to wearing a mini wedding gown, you must keep fit. What’s the most important, the shape of legs. Because brides show their legs, it requires their legs should be long and very straight. Only in this way, both the bridal gown and the bride can be terrific. Brides with O-type legs, not enough long or relatively plum legs should better no to try this type of dress.

Second, knee-length bridal dress can be also a favorable one. It is so light that when the bride wears it like a ballet dancer. The material can be satin or tulle. Tulle wedding dress can be more ideal to show the cuteness of brides. It is suitable for outdoor or party weddings. It have has a very strict requirement of the leg shape of brides. Slim or good shape legs are most favorable one.

Third, short front and long back gown is popular in recent two years. This style of dresses can fully show the beauty of brides, add enchantment of women and also meet the enjoyment of tailing. It most attracts brides who pursue specialty. Short front and long back wedding dress is suitable for an open semi-formal wedding ceremony.


The silhouette of bridal gown depends on the body shape of brides. Then how to choose an ideal one for them?

Firstly, if a bride is in petite shape, she can do like this. One, choose a high waist and a white gauze fabric pleating dress, which can help increase the slender line. Two, choose a tight bodice A-line dress can make you elegant and refined or she can choose a splendid and changeable upper body design. Third, square neckline is better than a round neckline. Forth, avoid exaggeration of the sleeves and long hemline. This would cause a feeling of putting the cart before the horse.

Second, if her upper body is too plum, the best choice is to choose some simple design and show the advantage of breast and princess dress. You can also refer to the choice of choosing the pear shape brides. If her lower body is too plum, she’s better wear A-line gown and pay special attention to the neckline to make people focus their eyes on her upper body. She can take consideration to bridal dress choice of pear shape brides too.

Now girls, do you know how to choose an ideal wedding gown  for yourself? Take the advice from the tailor. I’m sure you can benefit from these. Hope you can be the best shinning woman on your big day!


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