Several misunderstanding about choosing wedding shoes

Are you bored about wedding events ? The wedding day is near the corner, but most of things you are still confusing. One big problem is the wedding shoes. Lots of bridal shoes in the market and they are all flattering to you. You don’t know how to choose from them. Anyway, you should avoid these ideas below when you want to buy them.


Top 1 wedding shoes must be high-heels?

High-heeled shoes are appreciated by its sex appeal and grace among most brides. But if the bride can’t be suitable for high-heels or she is already very tall, what should she do? This time she can choose a pair of lovely flattie. Delicate flat shoes can also be appealing. However you should remember that even you wear a pair of flattie on the bridal day, you must walk straightly and lightly as wearing high-heeled shoes.

Top 2 bridal shoes must be ornamental, so comfort is not very important.


It’s absolutely wrong to have an idea like this. No matter how eager you want to be the most beautiful woman on the ceremony, comfort and beauty are the same important. Actually, brides are very busy on the big day. They need to stand for nearly all day. What’s more, they need to walk around to welcoming the guests from time to time. As we all know, new shoes are often worn when they are first used. So you’d better to wear them for a few days before the celebration in order to get used to them. In the western customs, old things can bring good luck. You might as well have a try to see it can bring you good luck or not.

Top 3 How about exaggerating style wedding shoes?

Wedding shoes should match your wedding gowns If your dress is very simple, you can buy little complicated shoes to match it such as bow, lace, crystal or pearl on the shoes. But if your bridal gown is already very shiny, you might as well let shoes act less important role. Some classic types are better choices, for example, snow-white, pearl white, ivory, light pink, champagne or silver color shoes.

Top 4 fabulous wedding shoes should be made in hard material to protect good shape

When you choose a pair of shoes, you should pay much importance in the material. Not mentioned the bridal shoes. Yes, hard material shoes are easier to keep gorgeous shape. But material is the basic thing you should take into consideration because hard shoes would cause uncomfortable feeling and trouble on the day. Cow leather or sheep leather shoes are the best choice. The more times you wear, the more comfortable you feel.

Now, you got familiar with these factors? Think about all these aspects and they really help you a lot. Remember comfort and competence when you choose bridal shoes, and a little ornament covered on them can add beauty for your wedding ceremony


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