Did You Ever Dream Of A Bridal Shower?


“What’ up with this wedding shower you’ve had last weekend?” one girl said to her girlfriend. Do you know what does the bridal shower mean, my dear friend? Now let me tell you something about it. Hope you can get some useful information from it http://www.andytailor.com/sleeveless-wedding-dresses-c-71_88/.

First, what is bridal shower?

A wedding shower http://www.andytailor.com/wedding-dresses-20122013-c-71_92/ is not organized or planned or scheduled by the bride, neither the bride nor the bride’s mother nor the groom’s mother nor should any sisters or sister-in-laws host a shower. It is a form of solicitation and inappropriate. Many people use the terms wedding and bridal shower interchangeably but usually a wedding shower applies to items or gifts “for the bride and groom” while the other applies to items or gifts “for the bride”. The bride can get together with a bunch of friends and they give her presents in the shower.


Then who is the appropriate person to give the shower? It is usually hosted by the maid or matron of honor unless she is an immediate member of the family. If the maid of honor is the bride’s sister then one of the bridesmaids should host the shower (with the other bridal party members helping her).
It is supposed to be an intimate gathering of the bride and groom’s co-workers, family members and close friends. The brides get presents and blessing from them, but it doesn’t mean a gift unwrapping marathon for 99 people at the local holiday inn for six hours that includes lots of cocktails http://www.andytailor.com/wedding-dresses-in-color-c-71_94/ and a truck to take away the gifts.

Second, when the bridal shower should be held?

It should take place at least 30 days before the wedding date because there are so many things to do in that last 30 day time period. Printed invitations should be mailed out at least three weeks in advance of the party with a RSVP (at least seven days before the party), so the hostess knows how many people will attend to this shower. The party invitation can include the location of the bride and groom’s wedding registry (this is the only place it is appropriate).


Third, what things should be done in order to hold a successful bridal shower?

Actually it’s a very complicated affair. It can have a theme, here are a few examples: kitchen and bath, time of day, lingerie, and honeymoon. It can take place at someone’s home on a Monday night at 7pm or at the local pizza place on a Sunday afternoon at 1pm. And the food can be as simple as vegetables or as elaborate as a three-course tea party followed by a decorated sheet cake. The decorations can be as simple as a bouquet of the bride’s favorite flowers to yards and yards of white tulle, paper wedding bells http://www.andytailor.com/wedding-dresses-uk-c-71_91/, and balloons.

Some people think that bridal show is the party last held before she comes to be a bride, yes, I think so. Girls, do you want to have fun for the last party before your single life? Come to know something about it above the article. Congratulations, hope you have wonderful days!


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