How to choose bridesmaid dress for your girlfriend?


Sometimes you will face with this condition: my best friend is going to be married and she invites me as her bridesmaid . Actually, selecting bridesmaid dress is a very delicate moment, the bride want their gowns can match. She hopes her own idea to be followed. But bridesmaids also have their own aesthetic and fit styles. They don’t want to waste money to buy gowns which can be worn for only one time. How to solve this problem?

No 1 let bridesmaids choose their own dress

Though let bridesmaid pick her own dress doesn’t fit the real condition to a certain extent, she will certainly agree with this approach. Because she will feel that you give her the opportunity to show the charm and also agree with her aesthetic taste

However, before doing so, there are still several premises need to follow. First, give a uniform requirement in the dress color and fabric, so that it will be more harmonious with the bridal dress. Secondly, tell her several styles that you think inappropriate such as miniskirts, low-cut dress and so on. Try to persuade her no too sexy dresses.


No 2 the classic universal black bridesmaid gown is a good choice

Needless to say the benefits of natural black dress, it gives a visually slimmer and slender feeling. Whether you are tall or short, choosing black gowns can’t be wrong. Thus, after getting good classic dress color, the problem of style will be solved easily. And then you will find less complaint about dress issue

No 3 avoid making changes to the dress

Bridesmaid dress and bridal gown process is basically the same. General people will leave out some margin when make the measurement, so the final dress finished, it isn’t often the most appropriate size. On this basis, if you want to make changes, it is an additional cost.

In this way, a moderately priced dress possibly costs high. However, now more and more women’s clothing brands have opened a special product series, such as J. Crew, Ann Taylor and White House Black Market etc. We can propose bridesmaids to go directly to the department store. This way can save both time and money.


No 4 the most appealing one is knee-length dress

Like to select the size bridesmaid dress, the selection of a knee -length dress also avoid secondary modifications. Of course, they may also require minor modifications to other parts, but at least wear high heels can avoid being tripped by it. We do not want bridesmaid dress too fancy to grab the bride’s charm, but they also want to show their best side in front of many friends.

No 5 no ignorance to comfort

A comfortable dress is actually a very personal experience, but in the choice of style, some small ideas can greatly enhance comfortable sense. For example, the bridesmaid who is not very plump in chest isn’t suitable for strapless dress. This kind of dress is not particularly appealing for her and also will take the extra effort to think about its security.

Choosing right bridesmaid dress is an important thing for the wedding too. These tips can help you a lot. Come to think twice before make decisions, girls!


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