Interesting Stories About Western Wedding customs


Nowadays, young people dream for wedding day They take a lot of energy and time to make preparation for the events. Yeah, it must be very busy and painstaking. This article is to tell you some interesting stories about its customs. I hope it can help you have fun and release your intense emotion on your big day.

No 1 why western brides dress in white?

Since Roman epoch, white is the symbol of celebration in western cultures. Among years on 1850-1990, it stands for fortune. At the early 20 century, the significance of the white represents purity than any others. So it is usually the first choice for western bridal dress, what’s more, it shows the meaning of brides’ beauty and holiness.

No 2 why the brides are always standing on the left side of the grooms?

Western-Lifestyle-Wedding-1Western wedding is distinct from traditional Chinese one. The most difference is that the former don’t follow the rule of “men left and women right”. Actually, it has an interesting adverse story. In ancient days, the Anglo-Saxon grooms often must stand out to protect the brides from being taken away. In the ceremony, the grooms let their lovers stand on left. When rivals appear, they can immediately pick up swords to repel enemies.

No 3 why need to cut the bridal cakes?

In accordance with the European tradition, brides and grooms must kiss each other across the cakes. Then one day, one chef pastry came up with a clever idea. He mixed together all the cakes and then covered with a layer of white sugar. Then the modern bridal cakes come into being. When cut cakes, both two needs to cut the first with knife, neither just one person nor others replace to do it for them.

Western-Lifestyle-Wedding-2No 4 why brides need to wear a veil?

Initially, the brides’ veils are a symbol of youth and purity. It is said that there was a beautiful aristocratic girl inadvertently stood next to white gauze curtains behind her husband, when the man see her, he was stunning and spoke highly of her. This gave her the inspiration of wedding dress with white gauze. Finally, this style immediately set into a fashion. Today, the custom of the brides is that she wears a white veil on the head on the big day.

These favorable stories about western wedding  are introduced to all new couples now! They has slowly accommodated in Chinese wedding, so nowadays, the differences become more and more small. Come to celebrate the beginning of new life, new couples!


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