How to choose party dress for a teenage girl?

A party dress is a dress worn especially for a party. Teenage girls are in the bloom of age. They show a flower fragrance and flaunt youthful vitality. They are pure or cool, so dress selection should pay special attention. How to choose a wonderful party dress for them? Three factors need to be taken consideration.

yellow party dresses

The first one is color.

Teenage girls can think about colors like snow white, ivory, pink, lilac, yellow, lime green, orange, sky blue and some other light warm colors. These light warm colors make them look like angels or princesses. Do please no dark color such as royal blue, grey, or black.

Next is the embellishment.

Embellishments are used to add more features to their dress. Bead, ruffles and bow is the most popular. Beadwork is the art or craft of attaching beads to the gown, usually by use of a needle and thread or soft, flexible wire. Beading can make the party dress looks elegant and graceful and is always the classic and trend. Then what about bow? It is an ornament which can be used by female, no matter she is a little girl, teenager or mature woman. Bow makes girls cute, sweet and dynamic. Girls wear dresses with bow on the party just as a beautiful butterfly is flying on the party. They surely are the stars among all people. Ruffle is another appealing way. It is the use of characteristic of the fabric itself. After a conscious and purposeful process, it can add wavy flowing, rhythm and beauty. Some even can result in the sense of emboss effect.


Last one is neckline style.

According to the research in campus, most teenage girls would like to choose neck style like spaghetti straps, one shoulder or sweetheart neckline. Spaghetti straps create sexiness. Teenage girls want to show sexiness like mature women. Sweetheart neckline is used to show sweet and beautiful looks, not only in complexion but also body shape. Nowadays, some girls pursue the handsome style too. Hair, clothes, shoes and bags all these can be used to show this character. Party dress is no exception. But for a meek girl, this style is not flattering to her.

Teenage girls can show special features in the party now. Colors, embellishments, and neckline style decides whether you can attract other’s attention or not. Take action, show yourself!


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